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Birthdate:Apr 22
Location:Florida, United States of America
Why in the world am I making a livejournal account when I already have a DA account, a Fanfiction account and a Photobucket account? *slaps self*

Anywho, I go by the name of chibi veneficus here, there and everywhere between. I've been an unofficial lurker of lj for a good time coming now and finally decided that it was time to create my own journal. That being said, I'm an incredibly shy person who thinks way to much about the consequences of posting a comment on anyone's journal. I usually fix this problem by silently stalking/supporting from the shadows. I'm sorry if I just scared you off with that. D:

But while I have a problem approaching people (that is, unless I know them from somewhere else. Then I'll just glomp them.), I have absolutely no problem with people approaching me. So please, if you're interesting in getting to know me, don't be afraid to friend me. I'll most likely friend you back. :3
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