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Title: Pleasure Caste: I'm a Spy on Your Side, You See (03/??)
Verse: AU WFC in which the war has never happened.
Rating: PG
Characters: Jazz, Freezon, mentions of others.
Contains: Plot advancement.
Summary: Jazz pays a friend a visit and gets some answers.

Slip on, into any disguise/ I'll still know you )
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Title: Pleasure Caste: Just As I Thought It Was Going Alright (02/??)
Verse: WFC AU
Rating: PG
Characters: Jazz, Prowl, Trailbreaker, Streetstar.
Warnings: Talk of vague future!plot, enforcers not really doing their job.
Summary: When Jazz was being picked up from the station, he was not expecting to find out that some of the enforcer caste was corrupt.
Notes: The bunnies have ruled that there will be Important Plot underscoring Jazz's trainwreck wooing of Prowl. I blame Netflix for having practically every season of Law & Order SVU and CI at my fingertips.

Also, that Streetstar guy up there? An actually canon TF. True, he only has, like, one line of text to him, but still. I'm only going to be using OCs if I absolutely cannot find a canon TF to fill in for the role. :)

I find out I'm wrong, when I thought I was right )
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Title: Pleasure Caste: I Got Nothing To Do and All Day To Do It (01/??)
Verse:WFC AU
Rating: PG
Characters: Hound, Jazz, mentions of other bots, random enforcer who's not really random.
Warnings: Driving after drinking multiple intoxicating beverages.
Summary: As far as first meetings went...well, it could have been a lot worse.
Notes: The bunnies mobbed me a bit. It might be a good idea to take a quick look over here. I've put up some hopefully useful info concerning what my brain has done to this verse.

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Just a little entry to clarify the WFC AU I inadvertently created while writing You Can Look But You Can't Touch. The AU has been tentatively name as 'Pleasure Caste' and since the bunnies have been nibbling, I expect some drabbles to be popping out of this verse. I thought it a good idea to get some info down for it all in one place.

Non-confusing (hopefully it's non-confusing. If it's the exact opposite, please tell me) information inside~ )
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Title: You Can Look But You Can't Touch
Day: September 29
Prompt: Alpha Male
Verse: Pfft, I have absolutely no idea other than that it's an AU. Maybe WFC?
Rating: PG-13ish?
Words: 2311
Other Characters: Starscream, various unnamed mechs at the end.
Warnings: Fail!pickup lines, slight cussing, slight violence, slight usage of pimp terminology, implied prostitution rings/brothels, very lightly implied sticky, implied beat down at the end, Prowl and Jazz being shameless.
Summary: Starscream walks into a bar looking for a good time. He finds the exact opposite.
Notes: For the Sexy September challenge at the [ profile] prowlxjazz community. Unbeta'd so any mistakes are mine. In all honesty? I have no idea where this idea for the prompt came from. I was four pages in with a different idea for the prompt and struggling with it when this one hijacked my brain at gun point. I think I've been watching too much Cops and Law & Order: SVU. Because seriously mind. Seriously.

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